Dienstag, 1. April 2014

Glam Clam Quilt

Just a quick post and a Hello from here, sunny Berlin.

 I totally forgot to show you the finished Glam Clam Quilt which I started in the fall at our Bee Germany meeting in Frankfurt.  The übertalented Quiltengineer Latifah Saafir has a wonderful pattern which she offers at Craftsy for free and this is what I used.

Here I can show you some pictures, also with the (somehow) matching pillows I made recently.

I wish you all a wonderful, sunny and happy week!!

Montag, 24. März 2014

Monday Makers

Well finally I managed to take part in the monday makers series by Aylin and Susanne. Here is just a quick little post, because I am in a hurry for my swing dance lessons. And as you know, tomorrow is not monday anymore---no monday makers. Tada. Here you go. I finished a lot today, but this is a quilt I had lying around for a while, I am very happy, that I managed to finish it finally. And I like how it turned out. Some boring 16patch blocks became this quite nice quilt. I guess I am giving this in the shop with some pillows, which I am going to show you another time. Happy Monday for you all.

- See more at: http://suleon.blogspot.de/#sthash.cyX3DeM6.dpuf

Sonntag, 23. März 2014

Cargo Duffle Bag

This morning I woke up at four, because of some party people passing my window screaming, laughing, singing. Good for them, that they had fun. I was awake! And I couldn´t fall asleep again. At six I decided I had to get up. At 7 I decided I had to make a cargo duffle. Now at nearly six in the evening I am done. The bag is finished. Nearly. Inside there is still a mess, but this will be solved tomorrow with the serger at work. It is a wonderful pattern by  noodlehead.

As I made a promise to myself not to start new projects, this was a bit of a compromise. I used the Anna Maria hexies, I had lying around for ages. I like the look they give the cargo duffle. Because I  didn´t want to cover all the hexies, I decided to just make one little pocket.

Unfortunately my "new" old sewing machine had some tension problems and the quilted area in the dark fabric doesn´t look so nice. But you know what I don´t care. I like the bag, I think I am going to use it quite often, is has the perfect size, maybe even for a everyday use...?
Here you go, the Cargo Duffle. And the little pocket still needs some snaps.

Donnerstag, 13. März 2014

Quilting with a modern slant

Hi Everyone.
I don´t have to mention that I didn´t write for a while, you might have noticed. I said it before, the changes flickr made and the fact that I am using instagram now, made me writing blogposts very rarely. Unfortunately. I enjoyed blogging, well maybe I can find my mojo back sometimes.
Why am I writing today? 
I want to proudly announce my appearance in a phantastic quilt book that came out a few weeks ago. "Quilting with a modern slant" by Rachel May. This book arrived in the mail today and that really was a good day to arrive, as I am a bit lost today, figuring out how my little design business is going to go on without the shop. I realized that there is a whole new world in front of me, finding other ways to sell and finally dig into the world of social media for my business. A new facebook page for my fashion label already was made today, now I am just waiting for sunday where I am going to make some product photos...
But back to the book: Rachel was so nice to ask me if I wanted to be part of her book and of course I said yes. So here we go. I couldn´t show you this quilt earlier, allthough it has been finished for nearly two years. It is called sunny Berlin. This is what Berlin (and the rest of Germany) is thesedays. It is extremely sunny and warm, and I definitely love that!

If you want to do yourself a favour, buy this book it is packed with inspirational people, stories and quilts.

Samstag, 4. Januar 2014


Today I took a day off! With all your lovely comments and advice (thanks a lot!!!) in mind I got up early, took the train and headed to the Wannsee. I walked for three hours and then took a historical bus back to the city.
I enjoyed this day extremely. Allthough I noticed how hard it was for me not to think about what is going to be with my business. I have no answer. But for now I take it as it is. I still have one month left in the shop, thats nearly four weeks. Weeks where so much unexpected can happen.
Until then I try to stay calm and relaxed and don´t stress myself about what should be, should happen or is going to come.

Freitag, 3. Januar 2014

Lack of creativity

Happy new year to everyone!!!
I am doing fine, in case you wondered why I was absent for the past few months.
I have to say, I think I lost all my creativity. And this is not just in quilting. As some of you may know, I am a fashion designer, so being creative is my business. It is essential. Over the last months I worked extremely hard, preparing the christmas market season, which is very important for me as it brings a lot of money (if everything works out just fine). This year it was soso. Not terrible but not great either. After the sewing,sewing, doing markets, sewing and doing markets again, I got so extremely exhausted. I always told myself, when it is all over I will refresh myself and then do some exiting new things again. My partner in the shop and I decided to close our shop at the end of january. We both feel the need of more freedom. I had a shop for five years now and I think I need a break.
Now that I had some days off, I think I have to start thinking about all the new things I should start and organize and also be creative, quilt a little, think about new products and so on, but I have to say, I absolutely don´t have any ideas. And also no energy.
Well this answers it already, I guess I still need some more time off to regain energy, fun and maybe creativity will appear again (hopefully).
Does anybody of you have any tips how to regain creativity? I would be very thankful for every advice...

Donnerstag, 31. Oktober 2013

A long term project

This is about a quilt top I finished yesterday evening. For me it is a long term project. Allthough... sometimes I read about quilts that have been lying around for many years. That didn´t happen to me yet... But there are some bits and pieces in the depth of my drawer...:-)
But back to this quilt top.
I really love it.

A few months ago I bought "Material Obsession" by Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke. This quilt pattern is not one of the books but I was very inspired by the way they put fabric and pattern together. So lets say I was hardly inspired!

So the first thing I had to do this morning, as soon as the light was right ( the sun just had climbed over Berlins city roofs) I went into my backyard and took some pictures.

Quilting it might take some more time, as I am really busy with work until christmas...and there are two other tops waiting.
But this op waited so long to be finsihed, it can wait a little longer to become a proper quilt.
Take Care and have a sunny day!